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Welcome to Arida!

We specialize in the dehydration of fruits and vegetables. All our dehydrated foods are completely natural and without any preservatives.

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Our dehydrated foods

Just a fruit or vegetable

We are very happy to bring natural and quality products to the market. The process of dehydration is to slowly remove water from food. This process preserves the flavor as well as a maximum of nutrients within the food. No additives, preservatives or other ingredients are used. We use conventional foods according to your requests.

Gift Boxes

Perfect box to give as a gift for
any occasion (birthday, to thank a teacher, for the holiday season, for the person who is hosting you, etc.).
This box contains between 70g and 80g depending on the variety of fruit.

Healthy snacks

Here are finally healthy snacks for the whole family. These snacks are perfect anytime. They are naturally sweetened and retain their full flavors. Our favorites are pineapples, kiwis and dehydrated apples.

Add it to your cereal!

Perfect for adding a little crunch to your cereal. Dehydrated fruits will add a unique touch of flavor to your cereal as well as useful nutrients for your day.

Tea to your liking!

With all of our foods available, the tea possibilities are endless. Try a blend of citrus fruits, berries or simply a nice lemony tea. Make your tea with ingredients you know and want.

Fruits for Microbreweries

Are you looking for very good quality ingredients for making your beers? We can produce most citrus and other fruits on request. Come tell us about your creations and your needs.

Enhance your desserts and cocktails

Try our fruit powders to add flavor to your recipes. You can use it in many ways, be inventive. Here are some ideas: enhance your pastries, yogurts, oatmeal, dessert cream, whipping cream, smoothies, vegetable stir-fries, sauces, "cocktails", etc.

Dehydration for business!

We make products rich in flavor ready to be used in your creations. Our dehydrated foods are perfect for making chocolate bars, kombucha, oatmeal, distilleries, tea, cocktails, granola bars, etc.

Custom dehydration

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WOW! I have never loved eating fruit so much. Golden kiwis are a real


Dehydrated pineapples are my discovery of the year.